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Sentinel Of Portals by Moyra47 Sentinel Of Portals by Moyra47
For Sevent Sanctum [link]
Tarot Contest

Animated version: [link] (big file, 6Mb)

"See the aim?"
"I see!"
"Believe in yourself?"
"I believe!"
"Go ahead!"

First lesson of walking through walls.

Meaning of the card:
Streight. Travel, adventure, breaking through. Chance to choose, crossroad. The one who helps to find the Way.
There is always a way out. Sometimes it's the way in. The way that leads to where all things are different. No matter how. Matters that they're different. The Green Door, the Rabbit-Hole, The Wormhole...
Someone will help you understand it. Someone will open the Door between worlds. Just one time. Then you'll find your own Way. Maybe just by opening a door in darkness.
Are you coming?

Upside down.
Incident, accident, scrape, scape. Barrier, dead end, hesitation. The one who warns agains false step.
No exit (crossed out). Exit is in opposite way.
If your search leads to nothing, stop and think - have you done everything? This story hasn't ended. Why run from reality? Do you really want to leave to never return?.. Because every time you leave someone else coming back instead of you.

Key meaning: Changes, alterant, fluctuations. No way back. Go ahead - and world around you be different. Go back - and you will be totally different in this world. Are you ready enough?

Which do you choose,Neo? Red or blue?:)
Lesleigh63 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2008
Nicely done. I like how you've combined different mediums.
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October 14, 2008
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